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International Trade Club of Chicago


In today’s rapidly changing world, it is mandatory that we maintain and upgrade our skills

The ITCC offers workshops, seminars, roundtables, conferences, online forums, and networking events which meet the needs of many practicing professionals. The ITCC Import Workshop Series, business networking events, as well as a new series targeting the manufacturing sector are held throughout the year.

The Educational Program offered by the ITCC allows members to exchange ideas, share experiences and learn from experts in various fields. In addition, you can receive discounted training in our Import and Export workshops held throughout the year.

The Global Manufacturing Series and the Import Workshop Series are two of several ITCC programs designed to provide forums for discussion, collaboration and education to support the profession of international business management and promote the sustained and balanced growth and success of U.S. businesses as other global regions emerge and develop as both competitive threats and opportunities for trade.

See the ITCC Events Calendar at for the upcoming and past Import Workshop Series, and other trade-related programs and seminars.


Providing information on a variety of subjects to provide the attendee with general guidance on various issues or potential foot faults to watch out form. For example, “how to” workshops covering U.S. tax considerations for foreign owned subsidiaries, how to hire an employee, optimizing trade show marketing opportunities, immigration basics, and protection against hackers and malware.


Educational seminars for more in-depth learning with some programs providing continuing legal education. The ITCC’s longest running seminar in our Import/Export series. Some of our seminars are offered via webinars.


Conferences focused around international business and trade covering a host of topics from distribution and sales, tax implications, employment, strategic growth, immigration and economic indicators.

Networking Events

Throughout the year, the ITCC hosts various networking events where our members and guests can meet business contacts from the United States and abroad to enhance business opportunities and understanding of international trade.

Membership in the ITCC is one of the best investments an International Trade Executive or Specialist can make.

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