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International Trade Club of Chicago

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Professional Education at the Executive Level

By joining as a member, you’ve made a commitment to accessible continuing professional education focused at the executive level. You understand how important it is to keep up with the latest in ideas and trends in international trade and related startegies and technologies to grow your business. We work hard at providing the highest quality events on international business in the Midwest.


Join Our Community of International Executives

The ITCC is dedicated to providing you with qualified networking opportunities. Members who come to the events and communicate on the ITCC website on a regular basis have access to a large community of executives who share the vision of change and incredible growth opportunities that the global marketplace provides. By joining this community you’ve made an important commitment to maintain your contacts with serious international executives in our area.

Full Individual Access

Access to all Member Activities

This includes members-only events and participation in ITCC volunteer committees. Members-only activities include:

  • Networking Receptions
  • Special Interest Groups
  • Committees
  • Executive Exchanges

Read the Blog

Ability to Participate in the ITCC Blog

You have 24-hour access to your ITCC website and we urge you to contribute and build our international community. You may discuss trade-related ideas and issues with other members or start a post on the ITCC blog. You may submit articles, whitepapers, or preferred links for consideration and publication on the website or in our newsletters.

Analyze Trade Reports

Ability to Participate in ITCC Trade Report

Each quarter our Trade Report is devoted to exploring trade issues, spotlighting specific industries, regions, upcoming events and member companies. As a member you may add to the dialogue by presenting your own ideas, links, and present whitepapers, articles or other information to the community we serve. Please note, that the ITCC Trade Report currently reaches more than 2,500 executives and is growing, so this could be a valuable way for you to reach this community.


Discounts up to 50% for ITCC Events and Co-Sponsored Partner Events

We appreciate your support in the Club by joining as a member. As a member, you will enjoy important discounts to main Club events. By attending multiple events, your membership will pay for itself.

Member Directory

Individual Executive Listing and Access to Member Directory

Our online member directory is in Alpha stage and will soon provide an important benefit by extending your reach beyond the regular events. Stay tuned for details on the directory as they occur.

Membership in the ITCC is one of the best investments an International Trade Executive or Specialist can make.

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