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February 14, 2017

Argentina – Call for Bids: Aquaculture project/Satellites technology/Climate-related

To whom it may concern,


Please find the following information regarding three Call for Bids in Argentina regarding:

  1. Aquaculture’s project
  2. Satellites technology
  3. Climate-related events
  1. Innovation in Aquaculture

Surveys conducted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) show that  in  2014 aquaculture accounts for more than 50% of total world fish supply. The demand arising from this sector grows at an approximate rate of 10% per year, but the supply only grows at 7%.


In 2015, the production reached 101 million tons. Unlike catch fisheries, it has practically not increased since 1985. According to FAO reports, Argentina has the largest extension of sea suitable for aquaculture production purposes in Multi-trophic Integrated Aquaculture Farms; in turn, it highlights the potential of our country for Aquaculture production.


The Project “Innovation in Aquaculture” focuses on the design, development and installation of an Integrated Multi-trophic Marine Farm; in other words, the cultivation of several species in sea.


This initiative seeks to offer solutions for the production of animal protein in a sustainable way, by means of R&D&I.


In this farm, steelheads, Macrocystis algae and blue mussels -or other similar species- will be grown, while working in the study, repopulation and possible fattening of ground-fish. This project will have a great benefit to the sector, as it will be the first project of its kind in South America and one of the few in the world; being unique in considering the study and value addition of native benthic species and development of the value chain.

The selection of the Puerto Almanza, Tierra del Fuego zone, is based on:

  1. Proximity to the airport and port as distribution points for the products for export or domestic market.
  2. Unique place with remarkable conditions not only for capturing blue mussel seeds but also for fattening and growth.
  3. Proximity to a high quality freshwater source in communication with the sea coast.
  4. Space with optimal tide and harbor conditions for marine production.


Argentina has marine resources, marketing and production capabilities to develop a responsible and worldwide production. We are confident that the path of food production must be guided by sustainability and based on genuine resources and capabilities. The call is open until 21 March 2017, to know more visit this page:

2.  Technology for the national production of satellites

Argentina, like the world s leading countries with advanced spatial planning, should be able to build and launch its own Satellites. The path to mastering this technology pushes the limits of the scientific, technical and industrial fields to attain high levels of excellence that have a positive impact on other sectors. Given the characteristics of the space sector -in terms of high technological risk and high associated investment- the public sector should promote actions to facilitate greater involvement of the private sector, thus promoting not only the creation of a balanced development ecosystem but also knowledge generation.


The results of the application of new technologies in countries that develop spatial activities, have promoted high added value developments in their production chain. Argentina ranks among the countries that face the challenge of positioning themselves as spatial countries, while aiming at the growth and creation of new companies.


In this line, the National Committee for Space Activities (CONAE) is implementing the National Spatial Plan, targeting the development of technology related to space activities, which is essential to enable the access to information and technological advance to increase the productivity and competitiveness of social, economic and productive sectors of the country, promote the development of national industry, and expand its scope of participation at the international level.


The strategic project Technology for national production of satellites aims at supporting the National Spatial Plan, by promoting the growth of SMEs specialized in the sector and generating new scientific, technological and industrial knowledge.


The initiative seeks to improve capacity building for the development of national parts of satellites through:

The promotion of specific scientific knowledge of the satellite sector.


The development of experimental prototypes that serve as the basis of knowledge for the subsequent final production in the satellite sector:

This intervention has high strategic and logistic value, since the substitution of imports and independence from market timing for procurement purposes, will cause a spill over effect in other industrial and productive areas by enhancing the diversification of each development. The call is open until April 3rd, 2017, to know more visit the following page:


3.  Technology applied to predicts disasters 

According to the Office of Disaster Risk Reduction of the UN, in the last 20 years, 90% of global disasters were caused by floods, storms, heat waves and other climate-related events.


Argentina is no exception: since 1950 to date the 10 natural disasters which had a violent impact on the country are mostly related to climate disasters. Storms in Argentina have serious social and economic impacts both in agricultural regions and in urban and suburban areas. Floods, hail, electrical activity, bursts and tornados are common phenomena in the Argentine territory.


Advancing from the alert after observing a phenomenon in the radar to the alert after a prediction based on the storm scale, requires three fundamental pillars, which must be built on cutting-edge technological infrastructure:

Improving response time allows mobilizing a greater number of resources to the possible affected areas, and therefore has a smaller impact on the population. This project intends to continue developing a tool that may be used to generate short-term numerical forecasts of the evolution of deep convection in the atmosphere.


This Call has the following aims:

  1. To develop a technological platform that facilitates supplying forecast services by means of high-resolution arrays (5 km or more) throughout Argentina (basic infrastructure and numerical modelling system).
  2. Incorporate technologies applied to communication and visualization of meteorological data, forecasts and real-time and operative alerts (alert and communication platforms and systems).
  3. Develop capacities related to forecast systems by means of high-resolution arrays (training and research strategies).

Greater precision in the forecasting of severe weather events and early warning of these phenomena issued to the productive and/ or social sectors is essential for decision making in order to promote production and minimize associated losses.


The call is open until 21 March 2017, to know more visit this page (In Spanish):


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate contacting us.


Best regards,

Romina Giffi

 Economic and Commercial Section

Consulate General of Argentina in Chicago

205 N. Michigan Ave, suite 4208

Chicago, IL 60601

Tel: (312) 819-2615

Fax: (312) 819-2612

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